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Hey, buddy, wanna buy an H-bridge?

Have we got a deal for you! Bridges have come a long way from the old tree fallen across the creek, with man-made bridges getting people safely over all kinds of obstacles. Bridges connect cities and states separated by rivers (like Portland-Vancouver), enable simple and safe commerce and family travel, provide habitat for trolls, and are just plain fun to ride across on your bike. Bridges can be expensive or cost effective, beautiful and elegant, or clunky/bulky and ugly, safe or wobbly. Everything depends on the designer and the builder. Bridges are also an important circuit topology in electrical/electronic circuits.  The wide variety of bridge circuits include: the Wheatstone bridge used in sensors and measurement tools the diode bridge rectifier widely used in power supplies converting AC current to DC … Read More +

Welcome to Electronic Nature

I am not an Engineer…clearly.  I don’t know the difference between an H-Bridge and the Hawthorne Bridge. I generally have no understanding of electronic engineering methodology, but when I see designs and finished products, I’m captivated by the visual splendor and complexity of purpose in the work.  It took months for me to recognize that a BOM didn’t mean a “bomb.” Perhaps the engineers were designing a secret astonishing something for the DOD, although the customer didn’t seem to be involved in the defense industry. Who knew? My job at Stilwell Baker entails interacting with many of these rare enigmatic human beings we call electronic engineers, and translating their good works into meaningful material for sales, marketing, and public relations.  Wading into this complicated, component rich, sub-assembly soup at Stilwell … Read More +