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T’was a week-night before Christmas

With posthumous apology to Clement C. Moore Thanks to DM, DC, and DB T’was a week-night before Christmas, on the scrubbed office floor,  And no creature was stirring, apart from Mouse 4.   There he was—the fourth in a series of mice that had been skittering along corridors, and flinging themselves victoriously into the open backs of cabinet drawers. We had some evidence of their presence, but it was our intrepid late-night engineer who actually discovered them…one night at a time. At Stilwell Baker, we run a clean operation. Don’t get me wrong; while we don’t wear white gloves, or bunny suits, we don’t keep dogs under the desks either, and the cleaning service comes in every night. But everyone knows that rodents are a determined and dexterous bunch, and … Read More +

Brian Terhune

As some may have heard, I recently joined Stilwell Baker as Operations Director.  Most of us know that when one transitions to a new company, the challenges that await are to some extent…unknown. I usually refer to this time as “drinking from the fire-hose” or “baptism by fire.” The takeaway from my first week focuses on the following:  Customer Satisfaction – Going above and beyond customer requirements. Stilwell Baker believes in making the customer successful, not only from a product standpoint, but from a solution standpoint. Time and time again, they have offered support to help address a system issue that was beyond the scope of their contractual agreement. This is what differentiates vendors from partners. Teamwork – We recently completed a product for a customer and executed what is typically called a “Lessons … Read More +