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Earlier this month Lee Teschler, editor of Machine Design magazine, visited with Darrel Baker and Rick Lundin about their experiences with outsourced electronic development projects gone wrong. Read Lee’s March 18 blog post on their conversation.

Darrel Baker

Since its release last June, the Tesla Model S has accumulated a significant collection of industry recognitions, including multiple 2013 Car of the Year awards. I had a chance to test drive one recently, and can say from firsthand experience that these accolades are well deserved. This isn’t just an amazing electric car; it’s an impressive car that happens to be electric. From an engineering standpoint, it also represents a radical push for innovation. Take a look at this list of some of the patents filed by Tesla since 2008—over 250 active ones related to the development of the Model S alone, and more are still pending. The Model S represents as much a paradigm shift in automotive engineering as it does in our collective opinion of EVs. Though most … Read More +