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  Happy New Year! We are starting 2013 in our new Lake Oswego facility and the engineers are enjoying the lab. It’s a large space, designed specifically for use as a development lab, and best of all, it’s located close to the engineers’ desks. Two thermal chambers help us quickly identify and fix potential product issues at extreme hot or cold temperatures. The chambers have 7.7 and 12.3 cubic feet internal space, and the computer programmable controllers safely run them in our temperature test range from -60 degree C to +125 degree C (-76 degree F to +260 degree F). We have already detected two design issues at below -20oC that have resulted in design improvements, thereby preventing field failures. The lab has plenty of standard tools, but my favorite … Read More +

Are you ready for the next transformative technology? Way back in January 2004, Carly Fiorina, then CEO of Hewlett-Packard, gave a speech at CES in which she suggested processes and content were becoming digital, mobile, personal, and virtual.  Certainly other people saw this progression, but perhaps she assembled these words first. Thomas Friedman referenced this in his book “The World is Flat” (2005), listing these as factors that are accelerating the “flattening” of the world. For instance, Fiorina said “Every time one of us walks into a Starbucks, hears a song we like playing over the sound system, pulls out a laptop, and downloads it wirelessly for less than a buck – the digital revolution is more real.” Wow, we could do that back in 2004? Without an iPhone? So, … Read More +

Hey, buddy, wanna buy an H-bridge?

Have we got a deal for you! Bridges have come a long way from the old tree fallen across the creek, with man-made bridges getting people safely over all kinds of obstacles. Bridges connect cities and states separated by rivers (like Portland-Vancouver), enable simple and safe commerce and family travel, provide habitat for trolls, and are just plain fun to ride across on your bike. Bridges can be expensive or cost effective, beautiful and elegant, or clunky/bulky and ugly, safe or wobbly. Everything depends on the designer and the builder. Bridges are also an important circuit topology in electrical/electronic circuits.  The wide variety of bridge circuits include: the Wheatstone bridge used in sensors and measurement tools the diode bridge rectifier widely used in power supplies converting AC current to DC … Read More +