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Earlier this month Lee Teschler, editor of Machine Design magazine, visited with Darrel Baker and Rick Lundin about their experiences with outsourced electronic development projects gone wrong. Read Lee’s March 18 blog post on their conversation.

Companies undertaking electronic product development for the first time, or those without sufficient resources to complete a project inhouse, often need help that doesn’t permanently increase company overhead. If this is the case with your company, domestic outsourcing is the way to go. Domestic outsourcing—Benefits of outsourcing without the offshore risks. Shorter delivery time frames for products Better communication No compromise of intellectual property No unforeseen political problems affecting the trading partners After a company identifies the need for outside product development, screening for the most suitable partner and mitigating risk are vital to producing the device or system that meets company standards. Once the screening is complete, establishing a productive working relationship with your chosen outsourcing partner is crucial for success. Two checklists, researched and created by a colleague … Read More +

Company moves to larger facility and extends inhouse lab capability Lake Oswego, OR – November 29, 2012– Electronic engineering and manufacturing firm, Stilwell Baker Inc., announced the relocation of all business operations to Lake Oswego, Oregon. The company cites an increase in its core product development business as the key driver for the move. With the relocation, the company has upgraded inhouse lab capacity, and now houses all departments in a single facility. Read more…

Take our survey – we’ll share the results Give us your input on the growing U.S. manufacturing trend and how it relates to Electronic Product Design & Manufacturing in your company. We’ll send you a report with the results! All the best, The Team at Stilwell Baker

When we received an email from three students at Mountlake Terrace High School requesting mentoring assistance on a 9-month capstone electronic engineering project, I was dumbfounded—Washington high schools teach engineering?  Why didn’t we know about this at Stilwell Baker? In the media, politicians and educators in the United States continually lament that America is falling behind in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education, and they’re anxious that we might lose our long standing position as a country of engineering innovators and scientific leaders. However, no one bothered to mention successful high school engineering programs in an NPR Science Friday segment last month when guests from MIT, the National Academy of Engineering, and others discussed the subject ad nauseam. It took Mountlake Terrace High School engineering instructor, Craig DeVine, to … Read More +

T’was a week-night before Christmas

With posthumous apology to Clement C. Moore Thanks to DM, DC, and DB T’was a week-night before Christmas, on the scrubbed office floor,  And no creature was stirring, apart from Mouse 4.   There he was—the fourth in a series of mice that had been skittering along corridors, and flinging themselves victoriously into the open backs of cabinet drawers. We had some evidence of their presence, but it was our intrepid late-night engineer who actually discovered them…one night at a time. At Stilwell Baker, we run a clean operation. Don’t get me wrong; while we don’t wear white gloves, or bunny suits, we don’t keep dogs under the desks either, and the cleaning service comes in every night. But everyone knows that rodents are a determined and dexterous bunch, and … Read More +

Welcome to Electronic Nature

I am not an Engineer…clearly.  I don’t know the difference between an H-Bridge and the Hawthorne Bridge. I generally have no understanding of electronic engineering methodology, but when I see designs and finished products, I’m captivated by the visual splendor and complexity of purpose in the work.  It took months for me to recognize that a BOM didn’t mean a “bomb.” Perhaps the engineers were designing a secret astonishing something for the DOD, although the customer didn’t seem to be involved in the defense industry. Who knew? My job at Stilwell Baker entails interacting with many of these rare enigmatic human beings we call electronic engineers, and translating their good works into meaningful material for sales, marketing, and public relations.  Wading into this complicated, component rich, sub-assembly soup at Stilwell … Read More +