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Darrel Baker

Since its release last June, the Tesla Model S has accumulated a significant collection of industry recognitions, including multiple 2013 Car of the Year awards. I had a chance to test drive one recently, and can say from firsthand experience that these accolades are well deserved. This isn’t just an amazing electric car; it’s an impressive car that happens to be electric. From an engineering standpoint, it also represents a radical push for innovation. Take a look at this list of some of the patents filed by Tesla since 2008—over 250 active ones related to the development of the Model S alone, and more are still pending. The Model S represents as much a paradigm shift in automotive engineering as it does in our collective opinion of EVs. Though most … Read More +

Brian Terhune

While the term M2M may be new to some, the technology has been an integral though obscure factor in industry for decades. Enabled by the development of smart phones, and the component miniaturization and wireless capabilities that made them possible and affordable, M2M technology has rapidly evolved to generate a far reaching electronic product market. M2M is no longer merely an option in product development; it has morphed into a requirement for a significant percentage of the projects Stilwell Baker undertakes. An early example (circa 1960) of M2M communication allowed wired systems to communicate with various devices. For example; a SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) system that monitored pressure in industrial facility and alerted a central computer if the pressure was out of limits. With the advent of wireless … Read More +

On the Road to Houston

Richard Lundin

Stilwell Baker recently won two projects for the design and manufacture of new electronic products that will be marketed to the Oil and Gas industry. As a result of the two projects,  the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston became a priority destination for me during the first week  in May. Yes, Spring is hot and muggy in Houston, and arriving in southern Texas from the cool Pacific Northwest was like being transported directly into a terrarium; but it was worth it. I knew there would be companies that needed custom electronic product design and manufacturing at this show. As is typical for most industry shows, the exhibiting companies spanned a wide range of specialties—from drilling rigs and platforms to flow control systems, monitoring equipment, and instrumentation. The market segment behemoth, … Read More +

T’was a week-night before Christmas

With posthumous apology to Clement C. Moore Thanks to DM, DC, and DB T’was a week-night before Christmas, on the scrubbed office floor,  And no creature was stirring, apart from Mouse 4.   There he was—the fourth in a series of mice that had been skittering along corridors, and flinging themselves victoriously into the open backs of cabinet drawers. We had some evidence of their presence, but it was our intrepid late-night engineer who actually discovered them…one night at a time. At Stilwell Baker, we run a clean operation. Don’t get me wrong; while we don’t wear white gloves, or bunny suits, we don’t keep dogs under the desks either, and the cleaning service comes in every night. But everyone knows that rodents are a determined and dexterous bunch, and … Read More +

Welcome to Electronic Nature

I am not an Engineer…clearly.  I don’t know the difference between an H-Bridge and the Hawthorne Bridge. I generally have no understanding of electronic engineering methodology, but when I see designs and finished products, I’m captivated by the visual splendor and complexity of purpose in the work.  It took months for me to recognize that a BOM didn’t mean a “bomb.” Perhaps the engineers were designing a secret astonishing something for the DOD, although the customer didn’t seem to be involved in the defense industry. Who knew? My job at Stilwell Baker entails interacting with many of these rare enigmatic human beings we call electronic engineers, and translating their good works into meaningful material for sales, marketing, and public relations.  Wading into this complicated, component rich, sub-assembly soup at Stilwell … Read More +