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Company moves to larger facility and extends inhouse lab capability Lake Oswego, OR – November 29, 2012– Electronic engineering and manufacturing firm, Stilwell Baker Inc., announced the relocation of all business operations to Lake Oswego, Oregon. The company cites an increase in its core product development business as the key driver for the move. With the relocation, the company has upgraded inhouse lab capacity, and now houses all departments in a single facility. Read more…

Darrel Baker

As noted in my last post, the trend to re-shore manufacturing in the U.S. seems to be growing, so early this summer the Stilwell Baker team created a survey to learn more about companies that engineer, design, and manufacture electronic products. Within the limits of the survey, the Stilwell Baker – Electronic Product Design and Manufacturing Survey Results validated the current buzz on the importance of U.S. manufacturing to American companies. The respondents to the survey were a fair representation of market segments within our current customer base, with Technology as the most prominent industry segment, followed by Consumer Goods, Aerospace, and Industrial Goods. Less represented, though important to the reasoning in our analysis, were Government/Military, Automotive, Medical Device, Utilities, and Oil and Gas market segments. Nearly 63% of respondents stated … Read More +

Take our survey – we’ll share the results Give us your input on the growing U.S. manufacturing trend and how it relates to Electronic Product Design & Manufacturing in your company. We’ll send you a report with the results! All the best, The Team at Stilwell Baker

When we received an email from three students at Mountlake Terrace High School requesting mentoring assistance on a 9-month capstone electronic engineering project, I was dumbfounded—Washington high schools teach engineering?  Why didn’t we know about this at Stilwell Baker? In the media, politicians and educators in the United States continually lament that America is falling behind in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education, and they’re anxious that we might lose our long standing position as a country of engineering innovators and scientific leaders. However, no one bothered to mention successful high school engineering programs in an NPR Science Friday segment last month when guests from MIT, the National Academy of Engineering, and others discussed the subject ad nauseam. It took Mountlake Terrace High School engineering instructor, Craig DeVine, to … Read More +

Darrel Baker

2011 was a transformational year for Stilwell Baker—I decided to give our customers what they were asking for. During the year, we transitioned from offering engineering and layout services, to designing and manufacturing complete products for customers. Some of the products were simply PCBs and fixtures, sometimes boxes of boards, and others were complete box builds ready for distribution. All of the work was done in the United States, and we’re planning to stay on that course. For several years I’ve seen a growing trend in the electronics market for low to medium volume electronic product development and manufacturing within the United States. In my conversations with customers, it became obvious that where we needed to go as a company was to engineer entire original designs and manufacture products as … Read More +

Brian Terhune

As some may have heard, I recently joined Stilwell Baker as Operations Director.  Most of us know that when one transitions to a new company, the challenges that await are to some extent…unknown. I usually refer to this time as “drinking from the fire-hose” or “baptism by fire.” The takeaway from my first week focuses on the following:  Customer Satisfaction – Going above and beyond customer requirements. Stilwell Baker believes in making the customer successful, not only from a product standpoint, but from a solution standpoint. Time and time again, they have offered support to help address a system issue that was beyond the scope of their contractual agreement. This is what differentiates vendors from partners. Teamwork – We recently completed a product for a customer and executed what is typically called a “Lessons … Read More +