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Brian Terhune

While the term M2M (Machine 2 Machine) may be new to some people, it is becoming a larger part of our lives every day. Given that Stilwell Baker receives many inquiries related to electronic product development, it is interesting that M2M is no longer an option; it has morphed into a requirement. Because of this, it’s the perfect time for a three part blog series on the background of M2M evolution, where it exists today, and potentially where it will be in the near term. An early example of M2M communication would be the technology that allows wired systems to communicate with various devices. For example, a SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) system that monitors pressure in an industrial facility and alerts a central computer if the pressure is … Read More +

Are you ready for the next transformative technology? Way back in January 2004, Carly Fiorina, then CEO of Hewlett-Packard, gave a speech at CES in which she suggested processes and content were becoming digital, mobile, personal, and virtual.  Certainly other people saw this progression, but perhaps she assembled these words first. Thomas Friedman referenced this in his book “The World is Flat” (2005), listing these as factors that are accelerating the “flattening” of the world. For instance, Fiorina said “Every time one of us walks into a Starbucks, hears a song we like playing over the sound system, pulls out a laptop, and downloads it wirelessly for less than a buck – the digital revolution is more real.” Wow, we could do that back in 2004? Without an iPhone? So, … Read More +