Engineers in the Stilwell Baker lab


Happy New Year!

We are starting 2013 in our new Lake Oswego facility and the engineers are enjoying the lab. It’s a large space, designed specifically for use as a development lab, and best of all, it’s located close to the engineers’ desks.

Two thermal chambers help us quickly identify and fix potential product issues at extreme hot or cold temperatures. The chambers have 7.7 and 12.3 cubic feet internal space, and the computer programmable controllers safely run them in our temperature test range from -60 degree C to +125 degree C (-76 degree F to +260 degree F). We have already detected two design issues at below -20oC that have resulted in design improvements, thereby preventing field failures.

The lab has plenty of standard tools, but my favorite tool is a 16-channel logic analyzer from Salae called Logic 16. The hardware is very small since it acts as a front end for software running on a PC, Mac, or Linux computer connected through USB. The software includes multiple protocol analyzers such as SPI, I2C, and CAN that greatly simplify BUS analysis. It has some limitations (e.g. samples 2 channels at 100MHz, but all 16 channels at only 12.5MHz), but it can capture 10 billion samples and works great for the majority of our designs.

Our work in the lab will help us bring your design to market quickly and efficiently. Be sure to ask for a tour when you visit the office.

Best wishes for the New Year!