Custom Enclosures

Custom Enclosure Design and Build

Custom molded plastic enclosure assembly

Stilwell Baker designs and builds custom enclosures to meet customer requirements and product specifications. We offer custom sheet metal or molded plastic enclosures and modified off-the-shelf housings for seamless integration of electronics with mechanical packaging. By engineering both the product and enclosure, we ensure testing and compliance issues are addressed early in the development process, thus reducing overall development and manufacturing costs.

 Multi-output power supply housingEnclosure Types

  • Enclosures with Internal Antennae fabricated with optimized enclosure material and internal component placement that ensures compliance with FCC regulations and testing.
  • Environmental Sealing to provide EMI shielding, and protection from dust, sand, and water.
  • Extended Interfaces with sealed connectors, indicators, and displays.
  • Intrinsically Safe enclosures with shielding from ignition sources in explosive environments.
  • MIL-STD-810 or DO-160 compliant housings designed to meet environmental standards for operational and transport requirements.
  • Ruggedized enclosures with water and shock proof connectors and EMI shielding.