Legacy Product Redesign

Re-engineered and Modernized Electronic Circuits & Assemblies

obsolete circuit

Extending the lifespan of aging circuits can mean long-term profitability of a product or system. When systems and devices fail due to component obsolescence, and spare part levels get low, options can be limited if the OEM has discontinued parts support, or is no longer in business.

The most cost-effective solution for legacy products is often a redesign of the aging controllers, sensors, or other circuits associated with recurring failures. Re-engineered and modernized electronic circuits, designed for integration with the existing product, restore reliability and can also allow for additional improvements to functionality—often at a lower cost than the original product.

Stilwell Baker has helped many companies realize significant savings through the redesign and manufacture of legacy products and systems. Our extensive experience and expertise in both analog and digital engineering disciplines gives our team the flexibility to redesign particularly complex products and systems.

modernized circuit

For legacy projects, we use our gated electronic product development process with the following modifications:

  • Reverse engineer existing electronics with limited or no documentation.
  • Redesign hardware using modern components for seamless compatibility with existing product.
  • Refresh firmware/software to reflect new design.
  • Update mechanical or industrial design as necessary.
  • Deliver complete documentation package at conclusion of project.

Manufacturing and Support

Ongoing manufacturing and support throughout the product lifecycle are critical for our customers’ legacy products and systems. We manage our supply chain to meet customers’ changing needs for small, medium, or large production runs.