Testimonials from Stilwell Baker Customers

We were faced with some tough decisions… Parts were getting harder to find, and with these highly specialized aircraft operating all over the globe in critical missions like fire-fighting and heavy lifting, a long-term viable solution was needed. We are so pleased with the new AFCS system...

– BART International Magazine – February, 2011

Senior Project Engineer, Erickson Air-Crane

Stilwell Baker came in and solved the problem. This is the best experience I’ve had with a supplier... Stilwell Baker was great to work with.

John King, California Department of Water Resources

My company identified the need and gave focused direction. Stilwell Baker used their experience in manufacturing and electrical engineering to make a product that is robust, cost effective, and well documented.

David Fisher, Founder, Superior Technical Services

We chose Stilwell Baker for our new product launch because of their engineering experience and ability to manufacture in the United States at a competitive price. We’re very happy with the results. They were responsive to our changing requirements and interacted proactively with our other partners.

Sr. Manager Product Development & Quality, InFocus