Automatic Flight Control System

Erickson Air-Crane has over 20 heavy lift Sikorsky S-64 helicopters manufactured over 30 years ago. This helicopter had an Automatic Flight Control System (AFCS) with complex, low reliability electro-mechanical gyro inputs, obsolete electronics, and inconsistent flight performance.

Automatic Flight Control System

Multichannel Distributed Motor Controller Module

Stilwell Baker was engaged by a U.S. manufacturer to design and manufacture a complex motor controller module to be used 24/7 in thousands of commercial locations throughout the United States.

 motor controller design

Wireless Sensor System Design

An Oil & Gas company cut repair costs by implementing an automated monitoring system that uses a wireless sensor system design developed by Stilwell Baker.

Wireless sensor system testing

Alarm System Controller

The State of California has an extensive water storage and delivery system of reservoirs, aqueducts, power plants and pumping plants that store water and distribute it to 25 million Californians. The system includes 20 pumping plants and 4 pumping-generating plants. The alarm system that monitors the pumps was originally designed in the 1960s. 

Alarm panels

Custom Multi-Output Power Supply Design

Superior Technical Services provides service and maintenance for third-and fourth-generation charged particle equipment, including scanning electron microscopes (SEMs).


Multi-output power supply for scanning electron microscope

Office Automation Product

A global office equipment and supply company partnered with Stilwell Baker to complete the launch of a new office automation product. The company originally contracted with an offshore manufacturer for electronic design and assembly for a new product. However, the PCB and power supply delivered by the manufacturer had critical design faults. Stilwell Baker was engaged to rescue the project.

Office automation controller

Isolated Serial to USB Converter

The Isolated Serial to USB Converter—D5055 allows easy interfacing between the serial port on MCU/PLD/FPGA-based designs and a Windows, Mac, or Linux PC. Standard USB 2.0 and serial interfaces make it immediately usable in most engineering environments.

Isolated Serial to USB Converter