Sensor Technologies

Sensor Technology Development for Systems, Networks, and Devices

data from smart sensor

Stilwell Baker employs sensor technologies within embedded systems, networks and devices in wired or wireless applications to meet our customers’ requirements for data measurement, monitoring, and reporting.

Smart Sensors

Most frequently, sensor technology we develop includes one or more microcontrollers to interpret data measurement readings. For example, the microcontroller reports a sensor reading that indicates a high-level problem or is outside specified bounds, or it reduces the flow of information by sending indication of changed or interesting values, or performs data reduction on raw readings. Smart sensors can provide substantial relief from issues of data bandwidth and processing throughput.

Stand-Alone Devices with Sensing Capabilities

Stilwell Baker also develops stand-alone devices that incorporate sensors to provide primary or ancillary functions. Examples of devices we have developed and manufactured include distance sensors, position sensors, direct-reading electronic compasses, and clocks with thermometer functions. Additionally, we engineer devices that incorporate sensors in order to confirm correct operation or provide alerts when problems arise.  These devices often have ancillary sensors to compensate for parametric changes caused by environmental factors, such as adjusting time-keeping to ensure clock accuracy over a wide temperature range.

SCADA integration

Additionally, Stilwell Baker engineers and manufactures sensor systems for seamless integration with existing Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA). These systems capture equipment faults early, thereby reducing maintenance costs and downtime as well as eliminating the need for a second method of reporting.


  • Acceleration/Vibration
  • Acoustic/Ultrasonic
  • Electric/Voltage/Current
  • Flow
  • Force/Pressure/Load/Torque/Strain
  • Humidity/Moisture
  • Leak/Level
  • Magentic Field/Compass
  • Motion/Velocity
  • Optical/Machine Vision/Video
  • Position/Proximity
  • Temperature